Hear My Cry

I am writing tonight from a completely different place to anyone that cares to listen. I am going through an experience like no other in my life. I have to admit I do not completely understand it but I know God is speaking to me. I believe I am experiencing what it means to be broken. I use to be scared of those words but now that I am experiencing it I know tit is nothing to be afraid of. God is teaching me through my heart what it really means to be humble and to serve him and only him. There is nothing of this world that makes me happy or content permanently, only temporarily. It is only in the silent loneliest moments that I feel a peace that surpasses all understanding, which I have come to know as God speaking to me. I have fought against this time and time again and have gone through many trials and tribulations. In the end of it all as I sit in quiet nothing matters but God and our service to him. Whatever that may be for each individual. I know God has placed me here on earth for a specific reason and that is to serve him in whatever way he sees fit. Through me serving him and only him will I continue to find peace, love, and joy and be able to be a blessing to others. Whomever he chooses to bring in and out my journey. I have surrendered completely to his will. While my Ego will surely continue to put up a battle for me, I know there is nothing out here in this illusion we call a world other than serving him and the Earth that he gave us. I am tired of fighting, something that I don’t even know I am fighting against and why. Therefore I can do nothing other than to continue to seek him and learn and grow in serving him. I have no desires unless they are his desires for me. My message to all is just let go, surrender all, and allow God’s will to be and manifest in your life whichever way he designed it to be.

Peace Love and Harmony to all!

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