Life Decisions

Have you ever thought about how we make our decisions in life? When you have to make a decision, what are the things you Consider? One thing I have clearly learned along my journey and I thank God for, is realizing that as long as we are making decisions that benefit everyone involved we can’t go wrong 🙂 Even the hard ones, especially those. It may seem unfair in some way but as long as everyone that is involved benefits from the decision you make then you are automatically creating happiness, peace, love and harmony. So there fore whatever happens is meant to be, even if you don’t quite understand everything and why. Especially if you are making a decision where you have to give up some thing or some one. No matter how hard that seems to be you have to gain the strength froth.m knowing the fact of, what is meant to be will be no matter what happens or what gets in the way temporarily. Many times throughout our journey we have to give up things and people in order to bring bigger blessings forward in our life. As long as you remember through the pain, that whatever is meant to be will be no matter what……….there’s nothing to be afraid of! Whenever you have to give up some thing or some one throughout your journey, It’s never an easy thing, and it always comes along with some pain. Just trust in God and know that there is something even bigger and better in store for you, as long as you are always making decisions that benefit all of those involved!

God Bless and Be Kind to one another that’s all we got in this La Vie!

Peace Love Harmony To All!

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