Lost Generation

This is the story of my daughter that I feel compelled to get out there so hopefully people will start waking up and paying attention.

I walked in to the emergency room and stood at the door way watching my beautiful daughter whose name happens to mean life, acting like any normal person would call a crazy person. She was talking to herself and other people in the room who were not even there. Her eyes had black circles around them and her lips were so blue you would have thought she was a dead person. (Is anyone thinking Zombie?) The doctors couldn’t tell me anything they had no idea what was going on with her. They drug tested her but only tested positive for marijuana. Since when does marijuana make you go literally crazy? Days went by and no answers. She got so bad as the days went by that the hospital banned visitors. I couldn’t even see her, was only allowed to talk to her over the phone. The next day a package showed up in her name and when I opened it there were multiple pills white pills inside, wrapped in four different packages. To any regular person you would think they were Zanax, which people take for depression and anxiety. But the package had come from somewhere overseas. Hmmmmm? After further research I was able to find out that they were in fact a synthetic version of Zanax, and my daughter showed all the symptoms from it including going mentally crazy. After being in the hospital for a week I got a call that my daughter had been transferred to a mental institution to be seen by psychiatrists. I begged and pleaded with the doctors that my daughter was not crazy but instead needed to be placed in a drug rehab. No one would listen to me or believe me. I guess because her drug test only showed positive for marijuana. It wasn’t until a couple of days later when the drugs finally wore off that they realized she wasn’t crazy and released her from the institution. I still wonder what the outcome would have been if they wouldn’t have worn off. Would she have been deemed crazy by the state and locked up in a mental institution for the rest of her life? And how come nobody would listen to me??? I tried to talk my daughter in to going to a drug rehab but she refuses to admit she has a problem. So I have been praying heavily that this will not happen again because the outcome may not be same the next time. Why are they making drugs that make people literally go crazy? Doesn’t that seem strange? And how come teenagers can make a simple phone call and get a medical marijuana card even without having a medical reason for it? Has our society just completely given up and thrown the towel in? I have seen human kind evolve right before my eyes, but I think its time for us to SLOW down. We are headed full speed ahead on a path of destruction. Technology has become more important to us than relationships and the well being of humans. God did not design this beautiful earth for the way we are living. Is technology evolution more important to us then the earth that we live on? We are destroying everything that is natural around us, just so that we come be comfortable and lazy. I do not believe this is God’s design. Yes, technology has helped us in many ways but just like anything, too much of it can and will lead to destruction. Stand up! Speak out! The next generation so desperately needs us to!

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