New War on Drugs

Sometimes I think no one sees it except for me but the next generation is in trouble and we need to stand up and speak out! Since when is it so easy to get a hold of drugs? And I’m not talking about authentic drugs I am speaking about synthetic drugs. The synthetic drugs they are distributing out on the streets today are destroying our children and the next generation is in need of our help. I am sure I am not the only parent out here that sees it and feels this way. After experiencing watching my daughter go literally crazy from taking a synthetic substance that didn’t even show up in a drug test. I am here to say this is real people, wake up! The next generation is being attacked and they are so ran by technology they are easy targets. They don’t even know what they are buying or what is in what they are taking, they think they are authentic drugs. After watching my daughter for days in the hospital, I can confidently say they are making these synthetic drugs to make our kids literally go crazy. This next generation is completely lost! Lost in technology and drugs in order to ease the pain. For years as my children were growing up I was focused on corporate America and making enough money to provide for them. However, now I realize I failed to provide what they needed from me most. They don’t teach anything in the school systems about how to survive out in the real world. Our education system needs to be revamped with education regarding things that are occurring in the world today not in the past. Our children don’t know how to cope with the every day demands that society has placed on them. They are completely lost and taking drugs to cope with the stress. What are we doing to help them? Do they even know how to ask for help or is it too embarrassing for them to admit that they have a problem because society looks down upon it. What happened to our basic values and beliefs? Does the family unit really even exist anymore? Or are people to caught up in serving their flesh that they have completely lost touch with the real reason we are here? So many children are being locked away in mental institutions because of the synthetic drugs making them go crazy. While the other half of our children are being locked up in jails for committing crimes, again probably under the influence of these synthetic drugs affecting their minds. Our minds (thoughts) and our words are two of the most powerful tools God has equipped us with to serve him on this beautiful earth he has created. It is time for us to start using them as weapons to fight back against technology and synthetic drugs taking over the next generation. Where are they coming from? Who is making them? They are using them to annihilate the next generation and if we don’t stand up and speak out, life as we know it is going to continue down a quick path of destruction. Technology has become so advanced it is making us lazier and lazier every day. It is feeding our flesh so much an we are becoming to comfortable and complacent. Is anyone paying attention? Can we make the changes needed before it is too late? I will post the story of my daughter in a separate blog. Until then I am asking every one to please please wake up and start paying attention to what is really go on around us! Peace, love and light to all!

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