True Love

What is true love? True love is the love we have for ourselves because essentially God is within us. Therefore if we learn to truly unconditionally love ourselves we are then experiencing God’s love, agape love. The love that surpasses all understanding. You still may ask how does one acquire this love for themselves? It is a journey that we are all on to find the child within and we will each have our own experiences, tests, and life lessons along the way. What matters is that we pay attention, be mindful, and always love ourselves no matter what first. Within that love, and as that love grows and blossoms, we will heal those around us automatically. All the love that is flowing from within us out in to the world, where ever we go is the light of the love which represents God, which will show and emanate all around us, healing anyone, anything, and any experience, life lesson, or test we cross paths with. This is the way to experience true love and true peace. It is actually quite simple, we just get caught up in the external things going on around us. Instead of reacting to the external things going on around us we should use all of those moments and experiences to shine our light and again spread the love of God by loving ourselves from within because God is within us. The more we fall in love with ourselves the more our light will shine! The journey for loving your self is different for everyone, however again it is all for one purpose, to share that love with those that cross our paths in any way possible. Sometimes you will not even have to say a word or do anything but just shine your light forth and stand in the glory of love/God. That alone has the power to heal many. Who are you healing around you today by loving yourself first?

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